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NAV 2013 error - The license information...is invalid - Сообщество неравнодушных к MD Nav (ex-Navision)
NAV 2013 error - The license information...is invalid
If you have installed NAV 2013 and uploaded your licence, but anyway you see error "The license information on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server is invalid" then just follow the instructions below:
3. Upload the new license.
a. On the Tools menu, choose License Information.
b. In the License Information window, choose Upload.
c. In the Upload License File dialog box, browse to and open the license file.
You should see the following message: The Server license was successfully uploaded.
4. Restart the development environment to activate the license.
5. Restart all Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances on the computer to activate the license for other clients. For more information, see Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instances.

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